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We are a local group of political strategists here in Arizona, dedicated to electing and supporting candidates committed to equity. We are selective about our candidates, determined in our work, and passionate about change.

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Our team has spent years working with candidates who aren’t in the headlines every day, and we’re here to provide focus on those races and candidates. We know that every candidate is a vital part of our democracy—even if they don’t make national news every day.

Arizona won’t be truly blue until we organize everywhere, turnout every voter in deep red and deep blue districts, and run candidates for every open seat.

That’s why we’re here to work with you. Deciding how to spend hard-earned donations from supporters reflects your values and campaign priorities. We can help with that.

Time to run, time to win.

Running for office is a big, and incredibly important commitment. We're here to make it as seamless for you as possible, answering every question you have along the way, walking step in step with you until Election Day.

We’re here to help you run the best campaign you can and we've done it all. Our team has worked with candidates from small state races to presidential campaigns.

We offer support and expertise ranging from communications and paid media to social media engagement to field and campaign planning. Let's chat and learn how we can work together.

Meet The Team

Murphy Bannerman

I'm an experienced public relations professional and political strategist who enjoys fresh challenges and finding solutions. Five years of experience creating and launching communications plans that reach diverse audiences to grow the organization, brand, and mission awareness. Five years tracking legislation and strategizing messaging on key issues to the organization's overall goals and persuading legislators and stakeholders to take action beneficial to the organization.

Elsa O’Callaghan

Elsa O’Callaghan has worked in progressive campaigns and organizations for 10 years, most recently completing two election and legislative cycles with the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. She has extensive experience in running paid media programs for down ballot races, making decisions about how to best spend money and reach voters. She has spent many hours consulting and managing candidates, providing input on campaign decisions, and redirecting focus to best accomplish campaign goals. Elsa has previously worked with Tech For Campaigns, Progress Virginia, US House of Representatives, and Planned Parenthood.

Bren Pantilione

Bren Pantilione comes from a background of education and grassroots organizing. In 2020, Bren served as the Director of Election Protection Arizona, a non-partisan voter protection coalition, and previously was the Arizona Organizing Director for Warren for President. In 2018, Bren was the Field Director for the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee where Democrats gained 4 State House seats leading to the largest delegation since 1966. Prior to that, they worked as the Campaign Manager for an LGBTQ nonprofit in Florida that pioneered using deep canvassing to change public opinion on transgender equality. Bren has worked as an organizer, campaign manager, and field director on candidate and issue campaigns here in Arizona.

How we can work together

We know that starting a campaign can be daunting, and we want to make sure you get all your questions answered. We've incredibly flexible on our pricing and strive to put together custom packages to stretch your campaign dollars the furthest.

All the services from our prepared packages are available as individual services for you campaign. The best way to find out how we can work together is to get in touch (or email us at We'll set up a call and learn more about your campaign priorities, your budget, and you!


Let’s get the voters to show up!

With our GOTV plan package, you’ll get all the services to make sure your campaign is set up to turn voters out for the election. Services include:

  • GOTV scripts and training with volunteers

  • Prioritizing voters for staff, volunteer, and candidate follow up

  • Chasing ballots and what it looks like

  • How to layer with digital programming


When you’re ready to GOTV, you need a paid media plan that helps you reach, persuade, and turnout voters. We’re here to help.

We’ll get you set up with a photoshoot, introduction to an excellent mail vendor, digital ads verification for Facebook and Google as well as platform setups, and paid media training.


Let’s get the money you need to win

With our fundraising package, you’ll get all the services to make sure your campaign is set up to fundraise with success. Services include:

  • Network Rolodexing

  • Call Time Scripts for phone and text

  • Donor Research Brainstorming

  • Email best practices and template set up for emails and ActBlue pages


Let’s get your campaign started off right!

With our kickoff package, you’ll get all the services to make sure your campaign is ready to go. Services include:

  • Story Development, including building an effective personal story, defining your top issues, assessing the strength of your messages, stump speech feedback, interview and debate prep.

  • Campaign Plan Development to make sure you have all the details needed to effectively run your campaign moving forward, are aware of key dates and strategies, and understand when and how budgeting, fundraising, and voter outreach will be implemented in your campaign.

  • Digital and Design: Make sure you put your best foot forward with creative walk lit pieces, postcards, logos, and website designs with incorporated messaging.

This package begins at $4,500. Prices vary with specific campaign needs and what assets the candidate already has in place.

Individual services from this package start at $500. Get in touch with us for more details!


With our field plan package, you’ll get all the services to make sure your campaign is set up to reach voters. We'll help you prepare scripts to talk to voters over the phone and via text. We'll build persuasion, gotv, and petitions scripts. We also handle training your volunteers and staff!

Field planning also requires a timeline and scope. With our support, you’ll get:

  • Field Phases calendar

  • Universe Development and support

  • Direct Voter Contact Methods

  • An overview of layering with digital and mail programs

This package begins at $1,500. Prices vary with specific campaign needs and what assets the candidate already has in place. Get in touch with us for more details!

We've worked with a lot of candidates, groups, and organizations in our careers. We're excited to get started with you!

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